About this project

Aprender Design is a remote-first design school in Brazil, focused on teaching Design principles to build digital experiences for people in Design and Tech industries. All live classes are taught by Brazilian designers in the fields of Graphic and Digital Design, Strategy, Research and Leadership.

The visual language seeks to simplify how someone can get informed about the courses and also helps in the process of joining as a student, while this same simplicity open doors to a powerful combination of primary shapes, colors and typography.

The primary typeface is Haas Grotesk. I like its classical curves and neutrality. To pair with it, I chose ABC Synt designed by Kaj Lehmann for Dinamo. It's a beautiful and strong combination, making things look minimal, classic and straightforward. I believe these choices have high impact on how people perceive a ‘design school’, quickly connecting with its philosophy.

My goal was to achieve a truly simplified experience. From the first contact, to the first application and when a person finally start a class. The website has a special spot in the brand universe to make this fluid experience happen, by being the place where the user achieves all those things. Through seamless integrations between third-party APIs the soon-to-be student is always informed about the next steps in the whole process.

In 8 months, I created the entire API structure and integrations using NodeJS, as well as a simplified dashboard using Nuxt and Vue frameworks, where it's possible to manage students information and the website's content. The integrations with SendGrid, Slack and Zoom are an important piece of the puzzle. With a single click it's possible to schedule calls, send reminders and links via email and private message with a custom Slack app, which I called Assistent.

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